Stainless steel needles for injection and vaccination

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These individually cartridge-packaged luer needles are made of stainless steel alloy and have precision ground tips. They have superior strength and sharpness than conventional needles and therefore last longer with more injections per needle and less risk of injection site abscesses.

The individual cartridge packaging is for safe fitting and disposal of the needles especially when dangerous vaccines are used.

18G x 1/4" for subcutaneous vaccinating/injection of sheep and lambs with Gudair, 6 in 1 and meloxicam pain relief

18G x 1/2” for subcutaneous injection of antibiotics and meloxicam pain relief in adult sheep

18G x 3/4” for intramuscular injection of antibiotics in adult sheep

18G x 1”  for intramuscular injection of antibiotics in cattle

16G x 5/8”for subcutaneous injection of larger volume medications