J-W Jabstick (RH 004)

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A push operated pole syringe for silent delivery of tranquilisers and medicines into animals you can’t or don’t want to get close to.


  • Syringe-pole adapter (3, 5 or 10 mL available). 
  • Choice of 3 mL, 5 mL or 10 mL adapter to fit disposable Becton Dickinson (BD) syringes.
  • Needle support cap to secure needle and prevent needle hub trauma.
  • Fits the wide range of extendable paint poles found in all good hardware stores.
  • Thread is ACME ¾ inch diameter, 5 threads/inch.
  • Spare luer-lock syringes x 3; Choice of 3 mL, 5 mL or 10 mL syringes to fit syringe pole adapter.
  • Black telescopic aluminium handle 1 – 1.8 m.
  • Needles, tray of 12, stainless steel, reusable, hypodermic needles. Choice of 14g x 1”, 14g x 1 ½” ; 16g x ¾” or 18 g x ¾”     (Advise needle size you want in the "Special instructions for seller" section at the Check Out)